What is SDST?

SDST is a high-performance self-disinfecting coating with an antimicrobial active which physically ruptures the target organism’s cell membrane on contact, thereby reducing their ability to infect. The revolutionary and eco-friendly active ingredient in SDST enables treated surfaces to become self-disinfecting for 90 days as it molecularly bonds to most surfaces semi-permanently.

SDST controls bacteria, fungi and viruses which can cause stains, odours or surface damage, through a physical mode of action that neutralises microbes (germs) which come in contact with the treated surfaces, thus preventing them from breeding on communal touch-points and even on your personal items like laptop or handphone. Unlike many disinfectants and antimicrobials in the market, SDST is made with a US-EPA approved antimicrobial active ingredient that is eco-friendly.

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Why is SDST effective
against COVID-19?

SDST contains antimicrobial actives, meaning it protects against bacteria, fungus AND viruses (as compared to antibacterial products which only protect against bacteria). SDST also contains the NEA-recommended ingredients (e.g. benzalkonium chloride) that are proven to be effective against COVID-19 and similar strains of coronavirus.

SDST molecularly bonds to any surface semi-permanently and imparts antimicrobial activity to the treated surface. This antimicrobial active physically controls and ruptures the target organism’s cell membrane on contact, effectively killing the microbe.

SDST has been tested to be effective against the H1N1 virus (flu virus), as well as against the norovirus (non-enveloped). Read about CDC’s guidelines





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